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12 Jul 2016

Sugar Sending More To Dentist

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As an emergency dentist in Joondalup, I can say without hesitation or doubt that a majority of preventable dental problems are caused by excessive consumption of sugar. Recently, the University of Sydney conducted a study indicating that it is even worse than the most pessimistic dentists thought it was. More than half of the Australians […]

11 Jul 2016

Dental Health Week is Back

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Dental Health Week is back. One of the main reasons people need an emergency dentist is because they don’t always take care of their oral health. Dental Health Week is a great chance for people to be reminded, once a year, of the importance of taking care of their teeth and gums. Dental Health Week […]

06 Jul 2016

Why Parents Must Stay on their Children to Brush

While we are happy to perform a great service by taking care of dental emergencies, we would rather not have to take patients on an emergency basis. We would rather see you schedule regular visits to the dentist and not have to go through all of that pain. Statistics show that the sooner a child […]

17 Mar 2016

World Oral Health Day 2016

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On 20 March 2016, we will be celebrating the World Oral Health Day. It will be filled with activities to raise oral care awareness, organised by dentists, dental associations, dental students, as well as corporate partners. World Oral Health Day 2016 News Bulletin There is another good news for those who want to participate: the […]

22 Dec 2015

Is This the Future of Infection Protection for Dental Implants?

As one of the major providers of dental implants, we make it a point to know what is happening in the field. We always want to know any advances that can help us provide you with even better results for any of the dental procedures we perform. With dental implants, there is a risk of […]

15 Dec 2015

Proof that Regular Dental Care Helps

If you need an emergency dentist, you can always call Joondalup City Dental and we will find a way to get you taken care of. While it’s nice to have that convenience, it can also cause us to take dental care for granted. We would much rather have you come in once or twice a […]

08 Dec 2015

Why ADA Infection Control Guidelines are Important – Dental Implants Perth

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When we provide dental services and Perth dental implant treatments, we want you to always know that we are adhering strictly to the most stringent sanitation standards in the industry to keep you safe. These sanitation standards are mandatory for every dentist across Australia. We would like to give you an idea of what to expect […]

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