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22 Dec 2015

Is This the Future of Infection Protection for Dental Implants?

As one of the major providers of dental implants, we make it a point to know what is happening in the field. We always want to know any advances that can help us provide you with even better results for any of the dental procedures we perform.

With dental implants, there is a risk of infection. We take every precaution, from educating patients to working with the most stringent dental sanitation standards in the business. While we have an extremely low rate of infections compared to the average, that isn’t enough for us. We think that even one infection is one infection too many.

That’s why we are excited about an invention that may be coming to market in the near future. That invention: a plasma coating for dental implants that will use clever biological principles and ionic silver particles to help fight infection.

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15 Dec 2015

Proof that Regular Dental Care Helps

If you need an emergency dentist, you can always call Joondalup City Dental and we will find a way to get you taken care of. While it’s nice to have that convenience, it can also cause us to take dental care for granted. We would much rather have you come in once or twice a year on a program of regular dental care than have you come to us for a dental emergency.

Sometimes, though, it’s hard to convince people that a program of regular dental care keeps you from getting tooth decay, which is the root of most emergency dental care. Recently, though, we found a study proving that those who visit the dentist more often have less tooth decay. It comes from the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS), who provide medical care to remote areas.

The RFDS flies into areas of the outback where there is almost no access to medical care. There is roughly one third of the access to medical care, including dentists, in the bush as compared to in cities. This causes a lot of medical and dental problems to go untreated on a chronic basis.

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08 Dec 2015

Why ADA Infection Control Guidelines are Important – Dental Implants Perth

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When we provide dental services and Perth dental implant treatments, we want you to always know that we are adhering strictly to the most stringent sanitation standards in the industry to keep you safe. These sanitation standards are mandatory for every dentist across Australia. We would like to give you an idea of what to expect when you walk into our office and why it’s so important.

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