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08 Dec 2022

Your 5 Step Dental Health Checklist When Travelling Overseas

One of the common times that patients make an appointment at their favourite Joondalup dentists is when they return from a holiday or a trip overseas. The usual reason is that during the time they were away they either experienced some kind of trauma, such as an accident that has knocked a tooth out, or they have developed a dental problem, like a loose filling or the onset of excruciating toothache.

Whilst no one can truly legislate against an accident happening on holiday, there are some ways in which the chances of experiencing dental problems whilst abroad can be reduced. One of the best ways to achieve this is to follow the 5-step checklist below when you travel overseas.

Visit Your Dentist Before You Leave

In the week or so preceding your planned travel date, you should have an appointment with your dentist. When there, you want, at the very least, to have a check-up to ensure there are no potential dental health issues that could arise whilst you are away. This is also a great opportunity for them to give your teeth a  thorough clean before your trip. You might also ask them if they have any knowledge of the dental services in the location you are travelling to.

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02 Apr 2022

The Art and Science of Dentistry: How Dentists Keep Our Smiles Bright

Ladies and gents, gather ’round for a thrilling tale of toothy triumphs and gum-saving glory! Welcome to the fantastical realm of dentistry, where the art of tooth care meets the science of mouth maintenance, and our valiant heroes – the Joondalup Dentists – stand guard over our precious pearly whites. In this blog post, we’ll explore the mysterious world of dental delights, delving into the tools, techniques, and treatments that keep our smiles dazzling and our teeth chomping with gusto.

1. The thrilling world of dentistry

Dentistry is a wondrous combination of art and science, where dentists weave their magic to diagnose, treat, and prevent dental diseases with the precision of a hawk-eyed archer. These intrepid tooth tamers must adhere to the Australian Dental Association’s code of ethics and standards of professional practice, lest they lose their license to drill (and fill). They must also keep abreast of the latest advances in dental wizardry, ensuring they can conjure up the most effective treatments for their patients.

2. The daring dental procedures

Dentists perform an array of dashing dental procedures to keep our chompers in tip-top shape. The dynamic duo of preventive and restorative dentistry works in tandem to keep our teeth strong, healthy, and dazzling. Preventive dentistry swoops in with cleanings, sealants, and fluoride treatments to shield our teeth from decay, while restorative dentistry brandishes its fillings, crowns, and bridges to repair damaged teeth and restore their former glory. Both are essential in maintaining our oral health and in keeping our smiles beaming.

3. The mighty importance of check-ups and cleanings

Regular check-ups and cleanings are the cornerstone of dental heroics. Like a detective on the hunt, a dentist can detect signs of decay or other oral health problems during these check-ups, allowing for prompt treatment to prevent further dental dastardliness. Cleanings help evict plaque, bacteria, and other undesirables that have taken up residence in our mouths, ensuring our gums stay free from irritation, inflammation, and infection. In short, regular dental visits are the key to maintaining a bright and healthy smile that could light up the night sky.

4. The marvellous magic of dental technology

In the world of dentistry, technology is the wand-wielding wizard that makes treatments more effective and efficient. One enchanting example is the use of lasers, which allow dentists to perform a variety of treatments with incredible precision and speed. From cavity preparations to whitening treatments, lasers make dental procedures feel like a walk in the park. With fewer side effects, shorter recovery times, and a wider range of treatments available, dental technology is the spellbinding secret behind the ever-improving world of tooth care.

5. The quest for at-home tooth care

The journey to dental nirvana starts in the comfort of your own home. To keep your smile looking like it belongs on the red carpet, it’s essential to brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes each time and floss daily. And don’t forget to visit your dental hero every six months for check-ups, cleanings, and a chance to exchange tooth-related banter. To further enhance your dental destiny, consider using mouthwash, avoiding sugary drinks, employing a tongue scraper, and reducing stress.

In conclusion, dentistry is a captivating blend of art and science that keeps our smiles shining like the stars. With regular visits to our dental heroes, we can prevent tooth troubles and maintain a healthy, sparkling smile that could put the sun to shame. So let’s raise a glass of fluoride-infused water to our intrepid Joondalup Dentists, the guardians of our grins and the protectors of our pearly whites. For they are the true champions of chompers, the wizards of dental well-being, and the masters of molar maintenance.

22 Sep 2016

Can Cosmetic Dentistry Increase Self-Confidence?

When you smile, are you self-conscious? Do you have cosmetic flaws that make you feel like you don’t want to smile widely and proudly? If you do, you may be a perfect candidate for cosmetic dentistry.

Numerous studies in numerous countries have revealed that people judge each other based on their dental appearance. A study published in 2001 by Dr Liana Eli et al at Tel Aviv University in Israel covered three categories: social, esthetic and professional. When test subjects were shown pictures of people that had been manipulated to show apparent decay in the front teeth, they downgraded those people in all three categories compared to pictures in which they had perfect teeth.

Not only did the test subjects perceive the people with “bad teeth” to be socially, esthetically and professionally inferior, the results were amplified when evaluating photos of the opposite sex.

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23 Aug 2016

The Best Ways to Whiten Your Teeth

In my time practising cosmetic dentistry in Joondalup, I have personally seen a lot more people caring about how white their teeth are. In this day and age, appearance seems to be more important than ever and white teeth are a big part of appearance, especially when you smile.

There are now a plethora of home remedies and teeth whitening products designed for use at home. Some of the home remedies and products are harmful and have side effects. We would like to talk about a few ways people whiten their teeth at home and whether or not they are safe.

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29 Jul 2016

New Technology Helps Dentists Remove Plaque

One of the best ways to not need cosmetic dentistry during your lifetime is to keep your teeth as clear of plaque as possible. The pillars of dental care are oral hygiene, a correct diet and regular trips to the dentist for examination and cleaning. The dental hygienist removes plaque with an instrument called a scaler.

In many offices, the old scaler, which was a hand instrument, has been replaced by an ultrasonic scaler, which uses frequency to rid the enamel of plaque before the plaque can eat through and cause damage to the tooth.

The research team used high speed cameras to record the cavitation, which is the formation of bubbles around the head of the scalar. They varied the head shape and the power of the scalers, to get a full sample of cavitation patterns.

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22 Jul 2016

Can Sharks Alter the Course of Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is an ever-changing field. As technology advances, we find more and better ways of replacing removed teeth or saving the ones we have. The potential for one of the biggest advances in dentistry may have been unlocked in England and the Department of Plant and Animal Sciences at the University of Sheffield.

Dr Gareth Fraser recently led a study there in which they identified a series of genes that are responsible for a shark’s ability to regenerate teeth on a lifelong basis. The genes are also responsible for “normal” tooth development.

Sharks lose more than 30,000 teeth over the span of their lives and are able to regenerate them. They have roughly 3,000 teeth at a time, meaning that they regenerate each tooth an average of ten times during their lives.

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15 Jul 2016

Smoking and Microbial Balance

One of the best ways to ensure that you’ll eventually need some form of cosmetic dentistry is to smoke. The reason is that smoking affects approximately 600 different species of bacteria in your mouth that are known as your oral microbiome.

A study conducted by NYU Langone Medical Center in the US and more specifically the Laura and Isaac Perlmutter Cancer Center took a comprehensive look into the effects of smoking on oral bacteria. The lead researcher on the study was Dr Jiyoung Ahn, PhD. According to Dr Ahn, their study is the most comprehensive study on oral bacteria and smoking to date.

The study used specific genetic testing to determine the makeup and actions of oral bacteria. This work was inspired by similar work in the gastrointestinal tract for disorders such as Crohn’s Disease. It is currently estimated that at least 75% of oral cancers are caused by smoking but it is not yet known whether the microbial changes caused by smoking contribute to these cancers.

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