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23 Mar 2017

Dental Implants VS Dentures

This article will tell you about both treatments so you can decide which one is best for you from a dentist’s perspective.

If you are missing your teeth and looking for a solution, there are many treatments through which you can get your beautiful smile back. Before deciding which way you want to go you must keep in mind your situation and needs. The two most popular treatments for missing teeth are dentures and dental implants. Even the most oral conscious adult can lose a tooth. Unlike children with baby teeth, once an adult loses a tooth, nothing short of a miracle can make it grow back better than ever. If you are looking for a way to fill in your ‘gappy’ smile, then knowing the difference between implants and dentures can help you make an educated decision.

The Difference

The main difference between the two is that implants look like real teeth. If you have implants it’s hard to tell your teeth aren’t real because this treatment is subject to newer technology. Dentures are realistic looking and can replace some or all of your teeth.

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08 Mar 2017

Local vs Overseas Dental Treatments

This blog post highlights the benefits and differences in having dental treatments locally versus having them done overseas from Joondalup dentist perspective. There are many factors to consider, such health, safety, quality of the treatment and the understanding of risks involved undergoing dental procedures.It may be cheaper to do it abroad compared to doing the procedure at home, but you will have to consider the risks involved.

Overseas Dental Treatments

As travel has become a lot easier with more available flights at a low cost, having medical treatments overseas pose a health risk. Some of the overseas practitioners are not regulated and do not have the same strict health guidelines that we have in Australia.

1. Credentials

This is something that is so important to check. Most of these practitioners are not even licensed to carry out the procedures.
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18 Oct 2016

The Art of Creating Perfect Dentures

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For many people around the world, getting dentures is like a “rite of passage.” While we would all like to think we can keep our teeth forever, it doesn’t work that way for a lot of us. At Joondalup City Dental, we know that a lot of people feel uncomfortable giving up their old teeth and we try everything to help our patients keep them.

However, in the case that we can’t rescue your original teeth, we can use state of the art technology to make you false teeth that fit perfectly. We treat our patients like family and we know how to make you comfortable when you come in for dentures instead of making you feel the least bit self-conscious.

Creating Perfect Dentures

We have a process that allows us to make perfect dentures every time. Once we determine that you need dentures, we make a series of impressions that help us get the shape of your mouth perfect. Then those impressions are cast into a form of plaster.
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01 Aug 2016

Replace Your Dentures with Mini-Implants and a Full Bridge?

We all know the dilemma faced by a lot of older dental patients: Dentures can be uncomfortable and a full set of dental implants can be too expensive. While dentures do allow those without teeth to eat and to look good in public, they also have their own shortcomings. The top plate can cover up the palate, decreasing enjoyment of food and beverages. The bottom teeth tend to “float” and feel unstable.

Those who want implants cringe at the thought of a full mouth of titanium replacements and the amount of surgery required. For most people, the cost can be prohibitive. For many, their jawbones don’t have the strength or mass to hold full implants, especially an entire mouth full of implants.

A study of 50 people with full tooth loss, also known as being “edentulous,” showed they feel emotions such as lowered self-confidence, negative self-image, bereavement, inability to discuss their dentures, a concern about whether or not people knew they have dentures, altered social behaviours and premature ageing.

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