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13 Sep 2016

These Foods Can Cause Tooth Decay in Your Child

There are few things in life worse than a child with a toothache. Unless you are fortunate enough to be able to find an emergency dentist, such as the one who is always on hand at Joondalup City Dental, your child has to suffer for most of a day and a night before he or […]

01 Sep 2016

Sports Drinks And Tooth Decay

Have you ever had to take your child to an emergency dentist? There are not many things in this world that can make a child more miserable than a toothache. At Joondalup City Dental, we gladly accept emergency patients seven days a week with long hours on the weekdays but we prefer to help your […]

06 Jul 2016

Why Parents Must Stay on their Children to Brush

While we are happy to perform a great service by taking care of dental emergencies, we would rather not have to take patients on an emergency basis. We would rather see you schedule regular visits to the dentist and not have to go through all of that pain. Statistics show that the sooner a child […]

15 Dec 2015

Proof that Regular Dental Care Helps

If you need an emergency dentist, you can always call Joondalup City Dental and we will find a way to get you taken care of. While it’s nice to have that convenience, it can also cause us to take dental care for granted. We would much rather have you come in once or twice a […]

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