Local vs Overseas Dental Treatments
08 Mar 2017

Local vs Overseas Dental Treatments

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This blog post highlights the benefits and differences in having dental treatments locally versus having them done overseas from Joondalup dentist perspective. There are many factors to consider, such health, safety, quality of the treatment and the understanding of risks involved undergoing dental procedures.It may be cheaper to do it abroad compared to doing the procedure at home, but you will have to consider the risks involved.

Overseas Dental Treatments

As travel has become a lot easier with more available flights at a low cost, having medical treatments overseas pose a health risk. Some of the overseas practitioners are not regulated and do not have the same strict health guidelines that we have in Australia.

1. Credentials

This is something that is so important to check. Most of these practitioners are not even licensed to carry out the procedures.

2. Horror stories

Google ‘dental overseas horror stories‘ and you can see a string of how cheap dental treatments that had gone bad and resulted in complications

3. Disfigurement

In some cases, the failed treatments will cause facial disfigurement and would be very difficult to fix. There would be cases where it would be more costly to fix the problems the second time around.

4. Insurance does not cover mishaps

Most local medical insurance would not cover the costs of the treatments. Why would you risk your health if you do not even drink the water there?

Local Dental Treatments

Dental treatments done locally will provide lesser health risks, procedures covered by insurances and carried out by licensed dental practitioners.


1. Insurance

You can claim from most private and public medical insurance for your local dental treatments.

2. Licensed Dentists

Our local dentists adhere to strict medical guidelines and are monitored by the Australian Medical Board.


– Overseas treatments pose high health risks
– Overseas and treatments are usually not covered by local private and public insurance.
– Local dentists are accredited and follow the strict guidelines set by the Australian medical board.

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Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, we encourage you to discuss these matters with an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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