Dental Payment Plans

Dental Payment Plans in Joondalup, Perth
If you are looking for payment plans in a dentist or dental clinic within the Joondalup, Perth area, check us out at Joondalup City Dental.

What Payment Plans are available?
At Joondalup City Dental, we have 2 x types of payment plans available.
One is Afterpay and the other is an in-house payment plan application for dental treatments over $2,000.
Both applications will require a credit check.

Afterpay has been really helpful to use for treatments under $1,000.
You can download the Afterpay app which you can download on your Android or iPhone smartphone.
Then you can apply through the Afterpay credit check via the app.

Afterpay is also looking to increase their credit limits to $2,000 from May 2020 onwards. Please check Afterpay for further verification on this as we are not liable for any claims.

Payment Plans for treatments over $2,000
We have an in-house finance consultant who will assist with applications for payment plans over $2,000.
There will be credit checks involved in this process.

Are you suitable for Payment Plans?
Not everyone is suitable for payment plans.
It is best to check with Afterpay and our in house finance consultant to see if you are suitable.

Why choose Joondalup City Dental for your dental treatments?
We are one of the oldest serving clinics in the Joondalup, Perth area.
Our clinicians have over 20 years combined experience.
We also oral, intravenous and sleep/sedation options to make you dental experience more comfortable.

We also have modern technology, dental equipment and our dentists are trained in the latest dentistry techniques in accordance with the Australian Dental Association.

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Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, we encourage you to discuss these matters with an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

Payment Plans - Joondalup City Dental

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