When you need Dentures in Joondalup, you should speak with the friendly professionals at Joondalup City Dental.

We know you want to keep your natural teeth as long as you can, but there may come a time when dentures are the best answer for you. The good news is that having dentures give you an entirely new smile and make you look years younger.

If you need dentures, there is no better place to get them than Joondalup City Dental.

How Do I Know if I Need Dentures?

The dentist will give you a thorough examination and will assess your need using a number of factors. Some of those factors: how many teeth you have, the health of your teeth, your gum health and your natural bone.

The dentist will present you with all of your options. You and your dentist will make the decisions together.

What is the Procedure for Dentures?

Once you and the dentist agree that dentures are appropriate and you want to go ahead, your dentist will explain the entire procedure, step by step, and the costs for each step. Usually, it will take four appointments to get your dentures done. Here’s the procedure:

  1. First, we take moulds or impressions of your lower and upper teeth. This helps us make a special tray that perfectly fits your mouth.
  2. Then, we use that tray to take secondary moulds or impressions of your teeth. This enables us to make a highly accurate mould of your gums and teeth. We also take the shade of your teeth. Then we send the mould off to a laboratory, where they create a trial denture.
  3. The laboratory then creates the metal frame and they try a fit using the wax mould of your teeth. At this time, the dentist makes adjustments for comfort, fit and a correct “bite.”
  4. Then, your custom-made denture is fitted perfectly to your mouth.

Aftercare Procedure

It will take a while for you to get used to the fit of your new denture. Don’t worry, though, this is normal for most people. You may suffer some minor discomfort and your speech may be slightly affected by your new denture. Believe it or not, this is normal, too. Remember to only wear your dentures in the daytime. At night, soak them in a sterile solution.

Keeping Your Dentures Clean

Dentures fit and feel a lot better if you keep them clean as much as possible. You can rinse your dentures and your mouth out after eating anything. Be sure to brush your dentures.

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