Why Invisalign is a Hit
25 Oct 2016

Why Invisalign is a Hit

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Invisalign has overtaken standard braces as the most requested treatment for misaligned teeth. It is an extremely popular treatment, not only in Perth but all over the world. Invisalign is made by Align Technology. The invisible braces account for 95% of the company’s revenue, even though they make other products such as a 3-D computer modeling system.

Align Technology is based in the US, but they have seen their sales outside of their home country grow by 38% and sales in the US grow by 15%, according to their Q2 report. Their shares are highly-recommended, with the company projecting earnings growth of 34% this year and another 24% in 2017.

Why Invisalign Invisible Braces are so Popular

Invisalign braces are invisible. They are the solution of choice for adults who need teeth straightened. They can be taken out of your mouth if you need to eat or brush your teeth. They don’t hurt as badly and aren’t as “clunky” as metal braces.

InvisalignMost people who wear Invisalign comment that nobody notices they are wearing an orthodontic device. This is especially important for those who don’t want their appearance to be judged for having braces.

Contraindications of Invisalign Invisible Braces

Unfortunately, not everyone is a candidate for Invisalign Invisible Braces. There are some situations in which they won’t work and are not recommended. This is also known as being contraindicated.

  • Skeletal discrepancies greater than 2 mm between the back and front teeth.
  • Spacing and crowding more than 5 mm.
  • Rotation of teeth more than 20 degrees.
  • Discrepancies in front teeth positioning along the midline
  • Teeth that need outward movement.
  • Open bites: when the upper teeth don’t close over the lower teeth in front or when the molars don’t touch in the back.
  • Teeth with crowns that are too short.
  • Tipping of teeth more than 45 degrees.
  • Arches with multiple teeth missing.

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