Is This the Future of Infection Protection for Dental Implants?
22 Dec 2015

Is This the Future of Infection Protection for Dental Implants?

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As one of the major providers of dental implants, we make it a point to know what is happening in the field. We always want to know any advances that can help us provide you with even better results for any of the dental procedures we perform.

With dental implants, there is a risk of infection. We take every precaution, from educating patients to working with the most stringent dental sanitation standards in the business. While we have an extremely low rate of infections compared to the average, that isn’t enough for us. We think that even one infection is one infection too many.

That’s why we are excited about an invention that may be coming to market in the near future. That invention: a plasma coating for dental implants that will use clever biological principles and ionic silver particles to help fight infection.

Future of Dental ImplantsThe coating comes from Germany and is called “DentaPlas.” DentaPlas is designed with a rough texture which helps the process of cellular growth. It attracts moisture due to a hydrophilic plasma polymer coating with integrated silver ions that helps fight bacteria. The end result is an implant that bonds faster and more thoroughly with the jawbone and helps the body’s immune system fight infectious agents.

The coating has two plasma layers sandwiched around a layer of silver ions. It creates a biocide reservoir in which the outer layer releases the silver ions. This keeps the silver ions from direct contact with the tissue.

Safe Implant Dentistry at Joondalup City Dental

While we are excited that DentaPlas will likely be part of our protocol for dental implants in the future, we are still proud to provide the ultimate in safe dental care. We go to painstaking lengths to ensure that every procedure that is performed at Joondalup City Dental is executed with the utmost in sanitation, making for the ultimate in patient safety.

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Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, we encourage you to discuss these matters with an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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