The Link Between Obesity and Gum Disease
30 Aug 2016

The Link Between Obesity and Gum Disease

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If you are looking for dentistry services, it is a little known fact that you are statistically liable to have periodontitis or another form of gum disease. However, there is another predictor of gum disease that has only recently been discovered: obesity.

Marco Peres, a researcher at the University of Adelaide, recently presented the results of his groundbreaking research at the 94th Session and Exhibition, presented by the International Association for Dental Research. His study followed 539 Australians from birth until they reached the age of 31 years. Their overall health, dietary habits and body measurements were all recorded. They were given full periodontal examinations.

The findings indicated that obesity raised the likelihood of mild to moderate to severe gum disease across the board. Subjects were rated by their percentage of excess weight, with the results going “all over the board.”

Those who were 11% overweight and 22% overweight (obese) had a higher likelihood of periodontitis. Those who were 12% overweight and 27% overweight (obese) had increased incidence of both moderate and severe periodontitis. Those who were 21% overweight and 57% overweight (obese) had a higher probability of less severe gum disease.Obesity and Gum DiseaseIf you have any kind of gum disease, you are likely to eventually need some kind of cosmetic dentistry. As you age, if your gums are unhealthy, your teeth will develop problems, too. Unhealthy gums develop more plaque, causing more tooth decay. In combination with gum disease, these factors can leave you with more missing and filled teeth.

Every dentist at Joondalup City Dental will recommend that you avoid sugary treats and sugary drinks because they contribute to both tooth decay and gum disease due to acids and sugar creating a breeding ground for bacteria. If you avoid all of this sugar, it can help you lose weight, too, and lower your risk for gum disease.

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