Dental Implants

Dental Implants in Joondalup, Perth

Looking for Dental implants in Joondalup, Perth but don’t know what is involved? Dental implants are used for replacing missing tooth or teeth and are very strong, long lasting and provide a more natural look. The implants use a titanium piece replacing the root which is placed in the patient’s jawbone.

The dental implants would eventually bond with your jawbone which will allow the dental practitioner to place a crown on your implant. This provides a more natural looking tooth and functions the same way as real tooth would.

Procedure Name:
Dental Implants
Also Known As:
Endosseous Implant
Great For:
For replacing missing or broken teeth/tooth. Alternative to dentures.

How are dental implants better than traditional tooth replacement procedures or dentures?

There are several ways in which dental implants are better than dentures and bridges:

  • It is permanently secured into your mouth. They do not move or slip out like dentures.
  • Unlike dentures, this does not require any adhesives and glues to keep them intact. They promise greater ease and comfort to the wearer.
  • Dentures make it difficult to eat and chew food properly. With dental implants, one can eat all their favorite foods with ease and without any pain.
  • It does not require the surrounding teeth to be altered.
  • Implants are strong and durable. With good oral care and hygiene, they can last a lifetime.
  • You can enjoy an improved physical appearance, greater confidence, and self-esteem.

Who is a good candidate?

Dental implants are suitable for people with good healthy gums a decent bone structure in your jawline. If the bone of jaw line is too thin or soft, it would not allow enough jaw bone to secure a foundation. This would the require a bone graft.

Dental Implants Perth

What to expect during a dental implant procedure?

There are several stages during a dental implant procedure. Firstly, the damaged tooth will be removed. Then the jaw bone will be prepared for the treatment by involving bone grafting. Once the jawbone has healed, the dental practitioner will insert titanium post in the position where the missing tooth was removed. After that, there is an extension placed on the titanium post. Once the area around the titanium post has healed, the dentist will make the molds of your teeth and jawbone. Finally, the dentist will place the tooth/teeth in place.

What to expect after the procedure

There may be a few symptoms such as swelling of your gums and around the facial area, slight pain on the implant site (which can be relieved with painkillers), minor bleeding around the implant area. IF the swelling worsens after the surgery, contact your dentist immediately.

You may be required to eat soft food while the dental implant area. The dentist will be using dissolvable stitches so that there will be no need to come back for removing the stitches.

Cost and price of the dental implant procedure

Different people have different jawbones and a different number of teeth that need to be replaced. Which is why it is hard to have a fixed price or package for the treatment

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