Dental Implants, Crowns and Bone Grafts Explained
28 Mar 2017

Dental Implants, Crowns and Bone Grafts Explained

This blog post explains the cosmetic dentistry treatments carried out by a Joondalup Dentist such as Dental Implants, Crowns and Bone Grafts.

What is a Dental Implant?
A dental implant usually made from titanium and is a root replacement for a missing tooth. This provides the foundation for your crown to be placed on.

What is a crown?
The crown is the enamel replacement of your tooth and it is the white part of the tooth that you can see in the mouth.

How many implants are required to replace all your teeth in a jaw?
Generally, this figure can range anywhere from 4 to 8 implants depending on the size of your jaw the quality of the bone and they type of teeth you choose (plastic or ceramic).

The cost of “all teeth on implants” is not dependent on the number of implants. This means we provide you anywhere from 4 to 8 implants depending on your individual needs.

What type of “All teeth on Implants” can I have?
There are 2 types:

  • One type is fixed and do not come out and are like your normal teeth.
  • The other type is a removable bridge or denture.

The fixed type offers more confidence whilst chewing and speaking, while the removable type is excellent in patients who are not candidates for extensive surgery but need to secure their dentures.

How long do “all teeth on implants” take?
“All teeth on implants” can be done within 3 to 5 days. However, this timing can vary depending on the type and quality of bone you have. For example, if the patient is missing bone and requires a bone grafting procedure, this step alone can take at least 6 months.

What is a bone graft?
A bone graft is the addition of bone. This can be synthetic, a combination of synthetic and the patient’s own bone. The type of procedure will be carefully assessed and explained to you.

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Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, we encourage you to discuss these matters with an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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